Decades Of Marriage – The First Ten Years

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A decade is a long time–ten years, to be exact and much happens in this span of time. Just consider the past ten years of your life? Where were you in 2006? How have you changed? How has your marriage and your family grown? Who was in your life that is no longer around, or how many new friends have you made in this span? It’s amazing to look back and see how much has changed. Yet daily we hardly notice any change at all.

This is what has prompted this new series. Tom and I just celebrated our 37th anniversary–nearly 4 decades of marriage. I want to look at each decade we’ve had and share with you what we’ve experienced through it in an effort to help you where you are today, as well as give you insight into the decades yet to come.

The First Ten Years


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4 thoughts on “Decades Of Marriage – The First Ten Years

  1. In this day, 34 years are a significant accomplishment. It shows you as a couple have made a conscious effort to make each decade count with purpose. Congratulations, thanks for enduring and allowing your learning experiences to be those that make lives better for others.

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