atoz-theme-reveal-2016 v2I love challenges, and this is going to be a challenge. My theme will be centered on THE WOMAN. I am very passionate about women.

images (15)From a very young age, I have always said that if I come in my next world(if there is actually another world), I would love to be a man. My mother tried to show me that women were supreme beings, unfortunately, all her teachings fell on deaf ears. I watched the movies, televisions and also read in the newspapers about so many things affecting women directly, making them victims in all ramifications.

However, as I got older, I became stronger and spoke to myself more. I developed my thinking and philosophy about life and how to have a tough back to all weaknesses attached by the society to the women folk.

I began inspiring my friends, teaching girls in High school how to love themselves and hold their heads high in this society regarded as a ‘man’s world’.I established a Non- governmental Organisation for the sole purpose of teaching attributes of being a woman. In the course of this Journey, I met many girls who made me understand that we are first girls before we become women and the orientation from the girlhood, stays till womanhood.

The position of the mind as a girl affects to a large instance the outcome as a woman.

I believe this is going to be a challenge, which I am ready for.

From the woman’s sexuality, curves, thoughts, love life, manipulative tendencies, career, motherhood to her being emotional, distracting, intelligent and controlling will all be covered in the April A-Z Challenge.

Join me, let’s make it fun










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