As I woke up to April 1st, my thoughts kept racing between the type of vain joke I intended to carry out this year and the first post for the A-Z challenge. Finally settling down to give my husband a terrible scare, a loud bang was heard. I rushed, flung the quilt covers and was already sprinting before I knew it. Crying, Moaning, Sobbing were all the sounds I could hear, not even the chippings of the birds or the explosive blasts from the nearby company could stifle the sounds.

Around me was red. The colour being my best colour was enough to pull me into daydreaming, but this was RED BLOOD.

My heart was racing faster than the ICE train, I could hear the thumping of all the organs underneath, my legs became too heavy to carry my weight as I curled down the swirling staircase tracing the blood to its victim.

Alas! Alas! Alas!

My neighbour, the hottest chick on the block, Ms T as she was notoriously called.

Most times, we drank coffee together, picked up the kids from the Kindergarten together and took turns making pictures.

Yesterday she was the singing, hair flying croissant eating mother of two.

Today, she is the abused, battered and dead mother of two.

All thanks to her tempered husband.




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