BDay 2 of the A-Z challenge. My theme is centered around ‘THE WOMAN’. It encompasses the sexuality, love, relationship, abusive, and wicked nature of a woman. A-Z on the different angles of a woman.

Waking up every day beside the man who makes my heart miss a beat and my emotions clash became a routine but, searching his face to uncover the truth behind the beautifully trimmed beards, strong nose and the sexiest naturally full lips with a  split tongue muscle between them was the ritual.

How can love be so sweet yet bitter, so lovely yet painful, so fulfilling yet selfish.

And today, as usual, I sat staring into ‘this’ face which took me to the fateful day I met him.

With the harsh rain pouring without mercy, the winds were also happy making our umbrellas miserable. Scrambling around to find an empty spot to hide from the angry rain, I bumped into this fine gentleman and both of us fell flat into a pool of muddy water. I was angry, rude, sad and guilty at the same time. He was smiling from the corners of those deadly lips and offered to help me up.

‘I live just around the corner if you won’t mind us getting you cleaned up’ were the only words he said. I just remembered I had a blind date, but I was a mess and had no option. Wearing his shirt and drying my hair in his flat, he quickly prepared french fries. I was no more interested in the blind date and just wanted to go home but the rain was still persistent.

We chatted for a while, but the chemistry was louder. Our bodies ached, I felt him all over me and he never missed an opportunity to touch me. The feeling was indescribable and we ended up in the bedroom. Coincidentally, he was the blind date.

Stirring in his sleep bolted me back from dreamland. We had been together for six months and the love grew by the minute the same way my bank account reduced. I had practically given him all my savings for his numerous plans and projects.My account was in red and he was still asking for more.

How do I get the truth? Does he actually love me? Is he using me? Is it all about the money? I am confused. ‘Cynthia’, he whispered my name again and I fell all over in love again.








17 thoughts on “BROKE AND STILL IN LOVE

  1. This story depicts my life. I was in love with a man for 3 years, all the time I worked to save his ass. He ventured into so many deals and projects but none was successful or so I thought. Three years down the line, I am broke, alone and ashamed. he is rich, married and happy. Girl, I would say the odds are very high.He could also be in love or out of love.

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  2. In love, it’s amazing to see how the elements to lift you and to crush you can be intertwined in the same person laying next to you in bed. Loved this story, and it’s late twist. Glad I found you through the A to Z Challenge!

    – Eli@CoachDaddy (#1238)


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