Day 4 of the A-Z challenge. My theme is centered around ‘THE WOMAN’. It encompasses the sexuality, love, relationship, abusive, and wicked nature of a woman. A-Z on the different angles of a woman.

DThe title of this post reminds me of a movie I saw about 10 years ago. Fortunately, it’s not the same movie but unfortunately, it’s worse than the movie. It is an entry sent in from one of the wives.

I was so happy today  was going to be the best day of my life, I had dreamt about today a million times and had played every beat and music in my head. I had seen so many visions of my dress, the food and the cake. It was just like a dream come true because the same center of my daydreams will be decorating my finger with a little diamond.

Only one person shared this day with me, only her knew how much it mattered. Her name is Barbara. We meant everything to each other, we grew up together, went to the same school and practically wore the same clothes. She was my adviser, counselor a, friend and sister. She succeded in giving me quality advice because she was the cool-headed girl. I had a long string of boyfriends and she was always there during the selection process.

Today is my wedding day and my friend is the  happiest. She is running up and down, shouting to the florists, caterers and event planners. Her hair is in disarray and her dress rumpled. However, she manages to get everything done.

I looked at the mirror and all I saw were my dreams in daylight. I was a beautiful bride. I longed for my MAN and made no pretense to hide it.

Looking at my hand, it hit me, I was already married, handcuffed to this little diamond for the rest of my life. My heart skipped, I was truly happy. Barbara, Barbara, I called, she was nowhere to be found. Everyone searched for her but she was temporarily missing. Walking and sleeping to my hotel room, I could not wait to sleep while hubby cheered with his friends. Alas! as I opened the door, Barbara was there in the position of a dog while hubby rammed away. I just fainted.

My eyes are still closed on the hospital bed not because I am in a comma but because I want to have a solution before I open my eyes.

My best friend with devilish desires.



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