AtoZChallenge – E is for Experiment in love

images (23)Hiding under the big mahogany tree which provided a safe shade from the scorching sun, I loked at him straight in the eyes and told him the mean words ‘I have never been in love with you’. His mouth parted softly showing understanding not hatred, emotions or anger. After a minute or so, he said ‘I have always known that, but I enjoyed it while it lasted’.

I felt so many things at the same time, I was suddenly sick, ashamed and so sorry. I had used him for experiment, and he knew this all the time. Yet, he still loved me.

How many hearts have you played with?


7 thoughts on “EXPERIMENT IN LOVE

  1. This post makes me very sad. I have actually been in this situation before. The one who loves always hangs around. We are too selfish, too materialistic to know the real one.I thought I was beautiful , had long legs and was untouchable. I shouted at him, ignored him and threw his emotions to the wind. He persisted, he loved and proved himself all to no avail. However, I finally dumped his ass after experimenting and since then, I have thought about him for the past 12 years.
    Unfortunately for me, he has someone who adores him.
    Sorry for the long new post.


    1. Hi Gina, we are from the same block. I am still in shock myself. My husband of three years finally decided I was the core of his love experiment. We must move on.

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      1. Like the lady sitting beside me is saying, cry if you must, laugh if you must. Don’t forget to rant, rave and destroy, in everything you do, today will be gone and tomorrow will come and in a little time the pains will begin to fade. Hugs from afar.


  2. Wowsers! For such a short piece that was incredibly powerful!

    I have never been in this situation, I have been with my hubby for 16 years, and nothing of any substance before that.

    I would hate to be on the other end of it though!

    Having said that, it is so important for everyone to be honest with each other, it causes more pain to lie!


    Leah @ http://www.and1moremakes3.com


    1. It causes more pain to lie. And the lie graduates from being small to a giant and collapses like Goliath. At the end of it all, someone’s emotions has been messed up.

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