AtoZ challenge:G is for Girls rule the world.


Are we serious???

Who are we deceiving???

Just thinking aloud and sipping my red tea.8c53b3b2-38b9-4cbc-866f-0f52ecabcc8f


7 thoughts on “GIRLS RULE THE WORLD

  1. Yes, we rule the world. I understand that it takes a woman to build a nation and it is not from the feminist angle. Women are smart, fast thinkers, careful thinkers and risk thinkers. It takes brains to keep the whole body functioning. The men might be the ceremonious presidents but we are the background presidents. Now, I can join the tea party.

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    1. Yes, yes, and yes!!! We are the backbone of society. We are the encouragers, the multi-taskers, the compromisers, strategists of our home, the peace seekers, innovators, the ego boosters and a beautiful work of art. I am not even a feminist, just keeping it real!!


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