My love is powdered sunshine. Just add water.

sunshineWithout mincing words, I extend gratitude to LADYLEEMANILA for nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger Award. I felt very elated. It has always proved worth the time reading her posts.


  1. Answer the 11 questions from the blogger who nominated you.
  2. Nominate some wonderful bloggers and write 11 questions for them to answer.

These are her questions. Check out the post here

1. What superpowers would you like to have? 

  • I would love to have the power to remain 30(my present age) for three years.
  • I would love to have the power to change into a man JUST  for a week. Just curiosity. As the saying goes, curiosity kills the cat.

2. What is your idea of having a good time? Sitting in the park; sitting watching the waves; sitting in a secluded place; alone, lost in thoughts, Sun glasses propped up, laptop to my right, credit card safely tucked away, a notebook and a pen to my left, legs beautifully crossed sipping Long island. Preferably wearing red.
3. Share a quote you like.‘You may disagree on everything, but don’t agree to give up’.

4. Why do you blog? I started blogging to create a forum for women who were in need of just talking about every and any issue concerning them and the world. Ever since, it has become a passion and my world revolves around blogging. It has been the most interesting four months.
5. What kind of music do you like to listen to when you are reading? Hans Zimmer-Reunion (love found us), Miles Davies and Arvo part. I love music. I think in my last life I was a musician.
6. What colour do you feel most comfortable wearing?      RED, RED RED. I feel Confident, bold, sexy and willing to take the world with the tip of my fingers whenever I wear red. It is my colour for luck.
7. What are at least five places you’ve enjoyed visiting? My dream is to travel round the world. Until then, I will continue viewing the world through the eyes of story books, TV and travel bloggers.
8. If you were to paint a picture of your childhood, what colours would you use? Orange. Don’t ask me why, that’s the colour that is associated with my memories-  Maybe too much Fanta.
9. If you had to change identities and start over: would you be someone completely different or about the same. (I’d love to see some examples.) I am very very convinced that I want to remain me. I always toy with the idea that if all men were like me, the world would have been a better place. ‘I wish you could see the smiles***’
10. Do you have a signature dish? If not is there one in your family? My hands are blessed with the secrets of turning flour and other ingredients even without measuring into a wonderful cake.
11. What do you seek long-term: fame and or influence, wealth, or happiness? Give me happiness and the rest shall flow naturally. I have great wealth that can never be taken away from me; that I can never squander; that cannot be lost by declining stocks or bad investsments; I have the wealth of happiness and contentment in life.

Thank you LADYLEEMANILA  for this opportunity, it was fun.


  1. Heart of refuge
  2. Chanel Bailey
  3. Real Tasty Pages
  4. Annette’s Place
  5. Kdeenwildman
  6. Diya @Pen2Needle
  7. Erhynireh
  8. Psychedelicbay
  9. Cristian Mihai
  10. cjstorm
  11. Tikeetha T


  1. What would you do if you had a million dollars?
  2. What do you think are the reasons why people fail in blogging?
  3. Travelling by sea or air. Take a pick.
  4. If you were allowed to take only three items for a weekend in the desert, what will that be?
  5. What or who makes you smile most.
  6. If you were given an opportunity, what will you change about you?
  7. Keyboard or Pen. Take a pick.
  8. Which books have you read more than twice?
  9. Which cities do you look forward to visiting?
  10. What do you find so Interesting about Nature?
  11. Describe yourself in three words.

Have fun too.




14 thoughts on “SUNSHINE OVERDOSE

  1. Thank you so much for the nomination! I am truly honored 🙂 Loved your answers and I can’t wait to start drafting my acceptance post and pass this on to some truly deserving bloggers 🙂 Have a wonderful day!


  2. This was truly an en-joyful read!! and Hey Budddd!!!! Here to let you know i participated, i would love you to have a look the answers i gave your questions. This has been an honor to participate along side you! Enjoyed a lot, and i thank you so much for bringing this forth to me! – Cezane

    Liked by 1 person

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