My name is Sandra and My memories will be told in bullet points to represent every significant point in my life in the individual years up to my 30th birthday. I may not have achieved much, but the activities, events and other things that happened in my life has made me who I am today.

  1. I was born to wonderful parents, who at the time were so much in love. My father was an Engineer and provided everything for my Nurse stay at home mother.
  2. When I was 2 years old, My father lost his job and life became unbearable. He became so angry with mum and I. Fortunately, Mum got a job in the local hospital and my family became the happy family once again.
  3. I was formally enrolled in Kindergarten. I remember that my Mother packed all sorts of snacks in my pink lunch box and I wore a beautiful pink dress. I was very excited.
  4. I remember my Maternal grandmother visiting us for Christmas and I received a bicycle as a Christmas gift.
  5. On my fifth birthday, My birthday party was celebrated. I still remember vividly the decorated garden mostly with pink flowers. From the decorative candles to the disposable plates and cutleries and Birthday cake were all decorated in pink.
  6. I started Primary School. My first day in School was very emotional. I cried so much. It was in a different City. We had to move because my Dad got a new job. Life became normal again.
  7. I became the star of my class, I was deeply loved by my Teacher and my friends. I got so many nominations for different subjects and I won so many awards at the end of the year Party.
  8. Behold, a new baby was born. My brother became the love of my life and I did everything I could to protect him.
  9. My Uncle came to visit and we were so happy. I remember my Mum baking a big cake, meat pies and so much to eat. During his stay, he was so fond of me, he bought everything you can think of for me. One day when my parents left the house, he started fondling my breast and told me he was checking for lumps. It continued till he left. I never told my parents because I was told not to.
  10. I passed the Primary School with High grades and was admitted into a very expensive school on Scholarship. My Parents were very proud of me and thought I was the best gift in the world. When I was 10 also, I had a younger sister and treated her exactly like a doll. Life was going according to plan, the stars were on our side.
  11. My uncle came to visit again. I became scared of him around. I checked my breasts regularly but there were no lumps.He started again. Sleeping in my room, I had no idea that everyone had gone to the park, I felt someone touching my thigh and I woke up instantly. ‘What are you doing?’ I asked. His Penis was already out and throbbing. He carefully guided my hands to his third leg and encouraged me to feel it. That was how the first day ended. The remaining days ended with me holding tightly the edge of the bed while he kept pounding away.
  12. Now, I was 12. My mother decided to teach me about sexual education. Little did she know that her beloved daughter was way past that stage. However, I was doing great in School.
  13. We visited New York and had a nice time.
  14. I participated in a Musical competition and was the first runner-up.
  15. My Mother was diagnosed with Cancer. It was a terrible year.
  16. I finished High School with very good grades and applied to the University to study Law.
  17. I was given a place in the University, that is how my Journey to the noble profession began.
  18. My parents felt that living together was so bad and they decided to get a divorce.
  19. Life became really sad. I was left to fend for my younger siblings and to pull through School.
  20. I had my first boyfriend.
  21. My Law degree was a success, I graduated with a First Class degree.
  22. I gained admission to continue with a  Masters degree. At this point, I was emotionally drained. My boyfriend was manipulative and used me every time he had the opportunity to.
  23. I broke up with my boyfriend and entered into a new relationship. Frank was only happy when he was hitting me. He broke my ribs twice before I summoned up enough courage to leave.
  24. At this point, I got a Job with an International Firm, registered for a Doctorate degree and was on the Journey to writing a book.
  25. Alas! My beloved Mother died.
  26. My dear Father also died. Life was unfair. I lost concentration. I was sacked from work.
  27. I met a lovely guy who gave me all the encouragement I needed, he taught me a lot, held my hands through trying times and was always ready to help me. He was my knight in shining armour. I fell in love with him over and over again.
  28. I gathered the pieces of my Life and moved on. Got a new and better job and lost my Shinning Knight in a Car accident. Life was really unfair. I felt hurt, betrayed, neglected and rejected.
  29. Moved on with my Job and studies, managed to concentrate and attend to pressing matters.
  30. The big 30 brought me a gift with a big heart. A diamond engagement ring. I am happy, I love him and I am fulfilled.

Thank you for reading till my 30th birthday. I believe I am strong and ready to take the world. However, I learnt life is a journey, as we travel through it, we come across busted tyres, oil shortages, delays, burnt brakes and clutch. Sometimes, we have to change the engine and buy more parts. Most times we have to change the Car. The most Important thing is to reach the destination.

A story from a wife.


12 thoughts on “MEMORIES OF A 30 YEARS OLD WOMAN

  1. Visiting from A to Z Challenge. You are truly a remarkable and strong person who has survived some terrible events. Kudos to you for sharing this so that others may derive some strength from you. I wish you nothing but happiness and success on the next part of your journey.

    Linda K
    @_theheadcabbage from
    Tales from the Cabbage Patch</a

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  2. Hi, I am sorry you’ve been through such a journey, I pray and hope that you are off the bumpy road and onto the smooth express way to a better and more fulfilling destination. Much love

    Liked by 1 person

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