Half way into the night after about six bottles of beer, Zinny soon became tipsy. She was a different person now, she had really changed since last month.

Mimi! Mimi! did you hear a word of what I said?

I was lost in thought.

I responded with a big grin plastered across my tired and tipsy face.’What did you say?’

‘I want to be celibate’ She said. I quickly responded, that is only meant for Priests.

Please, does anyone know of some reasons why someone other than a Priest will embark on this Journey.




13 thoughts on “OATH OF CELIBACY

  1. I took that vow about 6 years today, it helped me to focus. First of all, I was always involved in a relationship, it takes me to quit a relationship today and start another the next day. Mine was as a form of putting me on a check and to refocus. I had to prioritise because all the Ladies I dated were not what I wanted.

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  2. I took this oath many years ago to pay respect to my deceased father. It is more like a culture where I come from. Mine was extended in the sense that I really loved him.

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  3. Hahaha! I remember sex was fun. Most of the time. Satisfying, with caring partners. But looking back, I’m forced to admit that almost every stupid thing I did was related to either sex or recreational drugs. Sometimes — often — both. People my son’s age tell me it’s different today. Netflix and chill. No attachments, no real intimacy, no real respect. How sad. Sed in mane alia, I spent most of my relationships pouring myself down bottomless wells. Also sad. Today, as the single-from-day-one parent of a 33 year old, I am more assuredly self-sufficient, more content, and happier than I have ever been. I’ve been celibate for almost almost 25 years, and I don’t miss sex at all.

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    1. My eyes almost bulged out, What!!! you don’t say. That is a long time. When I only stay for two weeks, I start looking for where I got it wrong. As the saying goes, the older, the wiser


  4. Some reasons I can think of are these: avoid STDs since condoms aren’t 100% safe, not risking a pregnancy, trying to get time to figure yourself out (because a relationship can be distracting), and in some instances, I heard there are a few people who just don’t desire sex.


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