Don’t lose that girl.

The girl I was became the woman I became. The girl learnt new values, standards, morals and confidence and became a whole woman in her own right. The girls of today, becomes the woman tomorrow, what have you contributed to her?

The king'soracle.

It’s Wednesday again! Another exciting time to share everything and anything about womanhood. The values and virtues of being a woman, the highs and the lows of womanhood. The intricacies and complexities of that Special breed –The Woman!

As I start to scribble down my thoughts for today, on Celebrating Womanhood Wednesday. I asked myself this question,” what is womanhood?

Womanhood is the stage or the condition of being a woman- It is the pinnacle of our physical development, that stage at which we shed the last vestige of our childhood and become real ladies- Grown-up Ladies.

Womanhood is that point when we begin to see the world from a new and different perspective-gaining new strength that only women possess. It is that when we take the world and we do- we are all things ….to all men!

Mothers,sisters,writers,singers,lovers,friends,daughters, wives,partners. The list goes on and on.

In the bid…

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