The Surprising Root of All Marriage Problems

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The Peaceful Wife


We can justify anything if we believe we know better than God does. Pride births every other wrong in our thoughts, words, and actions.

Pride is hideously ugly when we see it in other people – and yet, it can be so insidious in our own lives. We can have it – a lot of it – and not even see it. Pride tends to blind us to our own sin.


Let’s take a peak into a prideful spouse’s heart…

  • I’m always right.
  • I deserve to be waited on and served.
  • Other people, including my spouse, are here to do what I want them to do.
  • I’m better than my wife/husband is.
  • Everyone should cater to me.
  • My will and my comfort are what is important.
  • It’s my way or the highway.
  • Do what I say.
  • If you sin against me, I will leave…

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9 thoughts on “The Surprising Root of All Marriage Problems

  1. The sentiments are all true, but will off-put many because of the Christian bent. Sad, because the message is sound regardless of a persons religion. Remove the Christian references and insert all the major faiths and the message remains the same.

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  2. What an amazingly insightful post. I learned early in my marriage if I didn’t have the humility to admit I was wrong this marriage was doomed. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to following your blog.


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