I  am just an ordinary woman who happens to be a Lawyer and a Business Trainer. I have always excelled in everything I do because ‘PERFECTION’ is the first word in my dictionary and I am a natural dreamer. I dream about unimaginable things and a host of other things. If I had my way, women would rule the world.

My father’s favourite words in describing me were ‘jack of all trades’.


This blog basically brings together women and people from all works of life, learning from each other is our goal. Join me, let’s make it work, it is a community of women. Share your ideas, experiences and opinions. Let’s inspire each other, complain to each other, vent out frustrations to each other, cry on each other shoulders and rejoice with each other, sharing the theme of making a difference in our homes, marriages, lifestyle,  fashion, love life and motherhood.




64 thoughts on “About

    1. Thanks for the compliments, I have had a very tiring day and you just sent a smile across. We will be sharing the adventures together through our posts.

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  1. Ah! Your blog is exactly like I had conjured up in my head 😀 This is great 🙂 A lawyer, a business trainer and a versatile blogger! Your father could not have been more right about you 🙂 Looking forward to read more of your posts 🙂 Cheers and warmest wishes, Minaxi 🙂


  2. Your about is not ordinary and you are not also.
    Then why do you feel so.
    You have such beautiful dreams for yourself and for the womanhood.
    So I complain about you.
    How can one cry on your shoulders.
    Ha Ha
    You are the one who shall bring love into this world more and more.
    Whats your name?
    tell only if you want to.
    Love to YOU.

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  3. Hello, I popped across from dream big. Pleased to meet you. I see you have made a lot of blogging friends already. Congratulations for the impact you seem to be making from your corner of the blogosphere and well done for opening your heart to women with a desire to share your knowledge, skills and compassion. May you succeed in your endeavours.

    I share your desire for reaching out to women but from a different perspective. I own 2 blogs and hope you will find time to pop along for a visit.

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  4. My pleasure of meeting you here Sandra. Thanks for sharing your invisible scars. This blog median will offer the platform to allow the inner healing and peace needed. I admire your ability to rise out of the ashes for the Lord has truly given you beauty for ashes. You are another example that how the story begins does not determine how it ends. I wish you much success and happiness.

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