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Also in line with AtoZChallenge.

I got nominated by  bigandpinkytoes   to participate in the quote challenge, and since I am already participating in the AtoZChallenge, I decided to bring both challenges together. Take a look at her post here.


My theme for the month is centered on ‘THE WOMAN’. With this quote challenge, I want to acknowledge a woman I have been immensely inspired from. Her name is                           MAYA ANGELOU.Download (3) Continue reading DAY 2 OF THE 3 DAY QUOTE CHALLENGE SMILE



IThis is dedicated to those women who feel alone. Sometimes, life may seem very rough or incomplete, you may have gone through disturbing or life-threatening situations, this post is just to remind you that you are not alone in all of your struggles.

Have you recently been diagnosed with a life-threatening disease? Have you been subjected to pain and torment? You are welcome to the circle of women, you are not alone.

TO THE WOMAN RECOVERING FROM DIVORCE, all hope may seem lost, the world may stare, family and friends may have mocked or turned their backs on you, you are not alone. It is not an easy process, but it is always worthwhile. Look at the positive aspects – you may just find that extraordinary guy you have always wanted or be initiated to that passionate love that was only possible in your imaginations. Hang on, you are not alone.

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how ladylike are you? Take the quiz

Hey ladies,

I am so happy because I can confidently call myself a woman. I hope you can too.

I remember my Secondary School days(high school) in FGGC Calabar, it was a ladylike war. The way you eat (not finishing all the grains of rice on your plate), making your bed(without creases), sleeping style(harsh breathing not included) and the way you roll up the sleeves of your dresses, not forgetting the most important – ability not to eat school food. These and others were the yardstick for measuring LADYLIKE.

How long is the measurement now, find out for yourself.

Take the quiz.